Aplikasi Kasir - Point Of Sale

Aplikasi Kasir - Point Of Sale

Aplikasi Kasir - Point Of Sale

Aplikasi Kasir - Point Of Sale , kebutuhan akan aplikasi kasir/Point Of Sale(pos) terus meningkat dimana saat ini pertumbuhan bisnis seperti restoran,toko online dll terus maju.kebutuhan aplikasi kasir/Point Of Sale(pos) saat ini tidak seperti dulu yang hanya bisa digunakan di toko fisik di suatu tempat,namun saat ini aplikasi kasir ini dapat di bawa kemana saja,hanya dengan menggunakan tablet ataupun smartphone.Tidak hanya untuk table dan smartphone aplikasi ini juga dapat digunakan di PC ataupun Laptop Anda.


Fitur dari Aplikasi Kasir - Point Of Sale adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Inventory Accounting (FIFO/LIFO/AVCO)
  2. You can add your own themes or different view files
  3. New user interface design to ease many tasks (RTL language support is not available yet)
  4. Fixed PDF export issue with Chinese and Arabic languages (But these languages are not available yet)
  5. Ability to add new user groups
  6. Ability to add new customer groups
  7. Custom module permissions for user groups
  8. Added gift card features
  9. Multiple delete option for inventories, products, quotations, sales and transfers.
  10. Notifications Module
  11. Email protocol options (mail, sendmail and smtp)
  12. Multiple currencies (for front-end that will be added after this release)
  13. Products Module
    1. Improved barcode feature and attached barcode symbology to product
    2. Improved barcode/label printing feature
    3. Duplicate product option
    4. Product racks/locations
    5. Product Image Gallery
    6. Ability to set the images/thumbnails size
    7. Ability to add watermark to product images
    8. Attach tax rate with product
    9. Tax method to add tax inclusive/exclusive to the price and cost
    10. Attach multiple supplier to product
    11. Option for product expiry date while purchasing the stock
    12. Option to add/edit product quantity on add/edit product page
    13. Product variants with quantity tacking
  14. Users Module
    1. Assign users a warehouse and biller
    2. Own sales/quotations/purchases/transfers restrictions for users
  15. Customers Module
    1. Option to select customer group (to manage different selling rates)
    2. Re-structured the module to add users to customer company (front-end that will be added after this release)
    3. You can add customer group in settings to assign different product price to customer.
  16. Suppliers Module
    1. Re-structured the module to add users to supplier company (front-end that will be added after this release)
  17. Sales Module
    1. New add/edit page design
    2. Invoice view (Standard or Tax Invoice)
    3. Ability to add manual product to order list
    4. Ability to sell gift cards
    5. Ability to get paid by gift cards
    6. Ability to edit the product price on sale page
    7. Instant discount (add percentage or fixed discount to order and/or any product)
    8. Warehouse code/name/address on invoice
    9. Return sales and issue refunds
    10. Record payments to sale (full/partial with any no of payments)
    11. Add payment terms (No of pending payment days before the sale marked as due)
    12. Sale status (pending/completed)
    13. Payment status (pending/due/partially paid/fully paid))
    14. Email invoices with payment buttons (Paypal and Skrill)
  18. Reports Module
    1. Improved old reports
    2. Added product expiry alerts
    3. Added payments report
    4. Added profit and loss report
    5. Added customer report
    6. Added supplier report
    7. Added staff report
  19. Settings Module
    1. Manage user groups and permissions
    2. Manage customer groups
    3. Manage currencies
    4. Added option to upload map for warehouses
    5. Added option to upload images for categories and sub categories
    6. Added email templates (set email message in WYSIWYG editor)
    7. Added option to add tax code
  20. POS Module
    1. Add Item by Barcode scanner and code/name suggestion
    2. Ability to add manual product to order list
    3. Ability to sell gift cards
    4. Ability to edit the product price on sale page
    5. Instant discount (add percentage or fixed discount to order and/or any product)
    6. Rounding to nearest 0.05
    7. Option to add comment
    8. Record multiple payments to sale
    9. Payment Gateways (Paypal Pro and Stripe) for Credit Card Payment Processing
    10. Added Qz Printing Plug-in (Java Applet) to print and open cash drawer
    11. Added swipe credit card input
    12. Sell gift cards
    13. Pay by gift card
    14. Simple restriction for staff to not delete item in POS (POS will ask for password, that owner can set in POS Settings)

List Printer

  1. AURES ODP-333
  2. AURES ODP-500
  3. Bixolon SRP-350II
  4. Bixolon SRP-350III
  5. Citizen CBM1000-II
  6. Daruma DR800
  7. EPOS TEP 220M
  8. Epson TM-T88III
  9. Epson TM-T88IV
  10. Epson TM-T70
  11. Epson TM-T82II
  12. Epson TM-T20
  13. Epson TM-T70II
  14. Epson TM-U220
  15. Epson FX-890 (requires feedForm()to release paper).
  16. Excelvan HOP-E58 (connect through powered hub)
  17. Excelvan HOP-E801 (as above)
  18. Excelvan ZJ-8220
  19. Gainscha GP-5890x (Also marketed as EC Line 5890x)
  20. Gainscha GP-U80300I
  21. Hasar HTP 250
  22. Okipos 80 Plus III
  23. P-822D
  24. P85A-401 (make unknown)
  25. Rongta RP326US
  26. SEYPOS PRP300 (Also marketed as TYSSO PRP 300)
  27. Silicon SP-201 / RP80USE
  28. Star TSP100 ECO
  29. Star TSP-650
  30. Star TUP-592
  31. Xprinter XP-Q200II
  32. Xprinter XP-Q800
  33. Venus V248T
  34. Zjiang NT-58H
  35. Zjiang ZJ-5870
  36. Zjiang ZJ-5890T (Marketed as POS 5890T)
  37. Zjiang ZJ-5890K

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